May 19th “A day in pictures”

We were so stupid to forget to charge our camera battery, so unfortunately we did not  get very much of the night. Only most of the day.

So this is how i looked at day. Not much too say about it. I just wanted the t-shirt on and tried too make it work with my style and my other clothes.. And this came out

For the first time I got too see Bryns backyard. And my god i was beautiful and soooo BIG, many great locations!

I told Bryn too pose for me.  He fucking hates it.. But I make him do it, by holding my breath.

Kiva the beautiful Diva!

Atle and Bryn!

Atle telling stories…Using his hands a lot.

You know her 😉

Thats a.. Microphone.. yes..

And then we got drunk…

Atle getting his blues on

This is Bryns roomate Jacob.  A loved character! Funny dude..

HAHAHA Kiva giving some Lipservice.. And then the alarm went off on the bike and kiva accidentally fell down, with the bike on the ground.. and then… we RAN

6 in the morning in Kivas room. Back from dunkel.. Reeeeeallly wasted.. slept at 9… What a night!


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