what a looong day

Today was a very long day. I got a call yesterday from Fernando who asked me to assemble the Twinc girls to rave in a train to Sweden. I got five girls and then today, I took some costumes in my bag and styled myself and then took the train together with Distortion Crew to Sweden to do some promotion. It was really nice, but I was extremely tired and still had a hangover from last Thursday. When we got to Sweden, I said my goodbyes to the Twinc girls and took the train straight back to home too Copenhagen, where I picked up Freya and went too Fisketorvet and looked at the aquarium and then home to eat dinner and watch a movie and now I will just lie down and relax. I am quite sore in my body!
I didnt even get some good pictures cause of the tiredness! 😦


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