Random pictures from Distortion

We ended up putting all energy into the first night (Wednesday) And got on the streets late. Then we didn’t go out at all Thursday, and Friday we went on the streets but not too the party’s, and just went home early, and at last I went too final party, the after party.. Sooo… didn’t get that much distortion.
But here are some pictures, of random peoples style on the streets, and some partying (without flash) aaaand other stuff…

My outfit for the first distortion day.. it was more outrageous than we could capture on a photo.

Zombie crawl.. Theese dudes are laaaaame..

Random cool girl

Random casual girl…

Random drunk guy…

OUR BEEEST JEPPE DUDE!! This guy is so awesome i dont need too explain it..

people getting warmed up in the sun..

Emma Acs is the coolest fox.. So remember her name!



MIKE SHERIDAN (look at the cigarette)

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