I never considered myself as being good with kids. I don’t particularly like kids, they are noisy, messy, and seem unclean in some way. I never have any clue what they are saying, It’s like a they speak in an accent i can’t decipher. However living with Sandra, means living with her 3-year-old daughter Freya. I’ll be honest and say i really wasn’t thrilled by the idea.

After spending some time with Freya, I realized that kids really aren’t so scary, and can sometimes be really insightfull, intelligent, and gosh-darn cute. I find myself, starting to love this little person, and i don’t even mind when she wakes me up at 6.00 am, screaming cuz she wants candy for breakfast. 😉

So, still not ready to have kids of my own. But having Freya here opens me up to the idea, that maybe someday, i could be a mommy 🙂



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