Maximum Chillin’

Today I delivered my daughter in her kindergarten. Although it became something of an adventure because it was a temporary kindergarten I had to leave her in for the first time. Ended up driving around town! But it was cozy and more fun time with Freya is just bonus!
So after that I went too the tiger-shop (discount-buy-a-lot-of-crap-you-thing-you-need-store) and just bought a one-time camera and some glue and oil colors to draw with.
It was then matas where I bought some hair and nail care. In a moment Nete comes too visit and then we will move Kivas bed into the living room floor. Where we wil smoke, eat candy and wear facial care, and use hair care and do nails – REAL GUUURL STUFF. It will be nice .. And for dinner the menu is homemade fish fillet with dill and lemon. and possible. fried potatoes!
I am already very excited!.. The plan is to focus on the lady looks today and tomorrow to enjoy the sun outside!
This is gonna be a fantastic free week, I can just feel it. This weekend we cleaned up, vacuuming, washing floors, washing walls and bathroom walls and kitchen floor and all the shelves and stuff like that .. No garbage, no mess, washed clothes and no dirty dishes! Could one feel more like taking on the world than team kiva and Sandra? Life is good! and the refrigerator, freezer and a large food cabinet is completely filled up!

It may well be that we are hella depressed, mood swinging freaks! but we enjoy life MAX!

And yes .. my new word is MAX!

Kiva and Sandra

NO! its not a bugger.. its a septum!

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