Im sorry I haven’t been around here so much. I’ve been so caught up i life that i dont have computer time. Im getting a new roommate, and I’ve been redecorating my home. And then theres school, love, friends an such and + of course my daughter.
Last night I was in the radio, talking about Life and my blog, -It was really fun and im looking forward too doing it again! Right now im just writing this update too pass some minutes, just before im heading out too pick im my daughter from her grandma’ where she been sleeping, so I could do the radio thingy.
Oh, so much to do, so little time. My exam is in December, and im not ready At all! I haven’t got that much time to study, but im trying too make all my homework. I just missed a lot of classes!
Im gonna write you something beautiful when i get back home. But it will be in danish. So maybe you could use google translate if you dont understand danish!


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