Great news

I found my new roommate/soulmate. And im so happy that he finally said yes!

-Also Bryn and me are making tacoooooos tonight. And im so hungry!

Anyway…Life is kind of crappy at the moment, but im really taking it easy, all thou I should be breaking. Maybe love just outshines everything.
The love I thought I lost, was so confirmed and now its strong. I feel worthless but at the same time proud. Im fighting for love, as its fading away with every modern child born. Broken homes, spoiled humans, misserable people, with no trust or faith, not giving and only taking. People just dont fight for the good things anymore, they just give up and move on.
I love the 40’s and 50’s – I dream and fantasies about the days that my grandmother speaks about. those days seemed to be filled with more laughter, smiles and memories than today. Facebook ruined good times and robbed me, my friends.


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