Distortion 2011

We are looking forward too Distortion festival!! Its gonna get rowdy! and its gonna be soo much fun, with my partner in crime: Kiva by my side And my boyfriend hosting his own scene. Well then it cant go wrong!

Even though you dont speak Danish.. WATCH the whole movie trough and just feel the joy


8 thoughts on “Distortion 2011

  1. The festival looks so great!!:D it it just in the city center of copenhagen and every one who wants to join can join it? or what kind of festival is it?

  2. Its in the streets so everybody can join in and buy their own beer or whatever from supermarket.. Its all free at day. But at night there is afterpartys all over town, where the entré costs.
    Its held at day in the most popular streets in copenhagen. And its FUCKING big!

    • at summer Denmark rocks! The people and their moods are unbelievable different from how down everyone are in the winter time. But you should visit at summer! Distortion is worth it.
      I never been too zurich.. how is it?

  3. I have a preference for nordic countries, so Denmark is on my “travellist” anyway. but now i know when to go there, sure in summer for that festival.
    hmm what could i say about zurich. it’s a business and students town. a mix between modern architecture and old buildings. a bit too hectic in the city centre. but there are beautyful places to go, like near the lake, museums, in parks and the old town. unfortunately the music cultural offer is a bit (like festivals or just for going out) one-sided. nja just could be better, but zurich is expensive.

    • well thats great! Write when you plan too come, we could tell you about the events if you need too know.
      Okay sounds like a place you go sight-seeing and not take a vacation too party and such.

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